How to turn your ‘Good Blog’ to a ‘Great Blog’?

The www has grown really large this decade with almost 60% of bloggers occupying the web with the rest being business, governmental sites, etc. Several new and professional bloggers try newer ideas to rank better, drive in traffic, get organic searches, build a social media fan base, and there are still around 40% of bloggers who are waiting to see their blogs get more than 100 visitors a day. How to turn your 'Good Blog' to a 'Great Blog'?

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What makes them not have traffic? Domain age? Lesser contents? Improper design? Yes, everything I’ve mentioned here can be a factor that could end up leaving blogs see no good visitors even in a long run. Maintaining the blogging ethics is a tough thing to do. Writing quality contents, maintain regularity, building relationships with the readers is what it requires to be a good blogger.

Here I list some of few basic things that could really help bloggers out here regarding what to be aware of on a regular basis to help them build a ‘GOOD BLOG’ to a ‘GREAT BLOG’.

1. Writing contents regularly

It is a known fact ‘Content is King’. Yes, contents that are detailed would surely drive in a lot of search engine traffic and good social count. But what if you produce contents irregularly? Being a passionate bloggers means to never let your blog readers down at finding new contents on your blog. Writing blog contents once in two or three days and coming back again after a month would do no good. It breaks the bond between you and the reader. So, it is always good to prepare a plan on maintaining the frequency of your content writing. It can be once a day, once in two or three days or once in a week. (Writing content on a monthly basis will take a lot of years in ranking). Scheduling your posts not only gives you time to prepare for your next post, but also would give you a peace of mind and your daily readers can enjoy a newer post almost on a regular basis.

2. Producing contents to the point

Every passionate blogger writes a longer piece of article at most of the times. With a longer keyword density, one can easily deflect from the point and any reader can get bored. This is sure to make you lose your readers. Covering a long piece of content means you need to make a lot of things to the point so that readers can get a newer idea every time they go through the article. Adding videos, slides and images is surely going to keep your reader engaged. Nobody is interested if you brushed your teeth or not, they just want to get some value in your content whether it be technical writing, a personal blog or anything.

3. Having a good blog layout

There are millions of blog layouts available in the internet, whether it be a color combination or image combination. Having a smart blog layout is sure to affect your visitors in the long run. It is creativity that attracts the readers. As said, ‘ First impression is the last impression’, the same applies in blogging and if your reader finds it easy to navigate through your site, you hit it Right!

4. Using lesser advertisements

Placing ads on the websites is the best way of making money online without investing anything. But too many advertisements is sure to irritate your blog readers. What can happen sometimes is that, a new popup with an advertisement can come up in your website while somebody is reading your blog, and this can totally distract your blog reader. And this will lead at losing traffics. A lot of advertisements are really irritating as well. For example, I totally hate infolinks because they are text links and they spread around everywhere around the contents.

So, learning to place ads on the right position or within the post in a limited number will have no hamper to the readers.

5. Maintaining the right attitude

What if you are rude at your readers? Whether you be popular or not, never maintain any sort of ego with your readers. Yes, if you are popular you might not have time to go through every queries but at least giving 10 minutes time on replying the comments will do no harm. Maintaining strong relations in a professional way is surely going to promote you and your blog. By the end of the day, it is always your readers who decide to hate you or love you and it totally depends on you and your attitude.
Not only these steps will help your blog rank really well in the web, but applying these methods right from the first day will never let you down on the long run.

Do let us know if you have any other ideas basic ideas that you implemented during your early days in blogging.

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