New to Affiliate Marketing? Avoid these Big Mistakes

Affiliate Marketing one of the popular make money program for Bloggers and website owners. As web definitions it’s a type of performance based marketing. The Affiliate marketing networks have 4 core players they are the merchant, network, publisher and the buyer or customer. Avoid these Big Mistakes

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If you have a blog with good amount of visitors if you work properly you can get a decent amount of money from affiliate programs. Compare to Google Adsense or any other PPC (Pay Per Click) program its hard to make money with Affiliates. Newbies believes that they can earn money easily through Affiliate Programs. Yes professional Bloggers like Darren Rowse from making tons of dollars per month via Affiliate sales, its huge than Adsense earnings.

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So if you want to shine in Affiliate programs you should be care and want to avoid some mistakes. Here we go with some mistakes you must avoid while you are jumping to Affiliate Marketing.

Joining and Promoting Everything

One of the biggest mistakes you are doing. May be newbies are joining any and every affiliate that come across. You should avoid this. You should join trusted affiliate networks and promote quality products. Now a days almost every network, business or service providers are running affiliate programs. That may be quality or no-quality.

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You should know about the affiliate program before start to promote. Care to choose the best, select your best affiliate partner.

You are just Selling

What’s your purpose for Blogging and whats your priority? Helping others. But lot of Bloggers forget about that they are here to helping others. When they start Affiliate sales they forget they are Blogging to help others and they started to sell their products, blog converted just to a business site.

Don’t forget you are a Blogger not a sales person.

Don’t know about your Product

You don’t know about your product which you are promoting. We don’t say you must test each and every product its not possible because if you are promoting a software which worth more than $1000, normally its not possible to buy and test the product just to do affiliate marketing. It’s possible what others says about the product.

Now i’m promoting TrackSmart Employee Attendance tracking software, may be you noticed a banner ad on the right side. I promote the product because i used it and i’m satisfied with the software’s performance. Don’t promote products if you are not familiar with it.  Please, don’t be that person.

Not Tracking the Sales

This is a common mistake, we don’t tracking our sales. You want to know where your sales come from. If you have knowledge about that you can grow your affiliate campaign.

I’m going to get-rich-quick

This is funny. When a blogger get approve from Google Adsense, they just started think i’m going to rich quick. Similar problem, you are starting to promote products it doesn’t means it will give you effortless wealth.

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