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Nobody can actually imagine a life without internet nowadays. It has become a basic necessity of everyone’s lives and has contributed a lot in the growth and development of technology as a whole. Internet has increased scope, large database of users, continuous operation and seam less reach. With the huge number of possibilities that it offers, there is everything that can be accessed on the web. Not just this, but the innovative concepts kept on making their ways into this platform and today have grown huge in terms of presentation, profits, revenues and more.

To mention a few examples, Google Inc. started as a search engine and toady it is the top ranked website in the world. It has access to almost all the information on the internet. Be it as a search engine, maps, social networking, images or translational services, Google is a success is everything that it has done till now. Similar success stories follow for YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Thus, people have eyed the chances of tasting being pretty high on the internet in the modern era.

Ideas are small, but they can make it large over time. YouTube came up with this idea of having an online database of videos that can be accessible to all who use the internet. Nobody thought about it growing so large in just a couple of decades, but it has reached skies in terms of success. Videos are always fascinating, be it a latest movie trailer, sports matches, recorded events, news, comedy shows or any other thing. It has received praises from all over the world and today ranks as the Numero Uno video website on the internet.
Similarly, there are other stories and ideas that have completely changed the world and its possibilities. They have been making lives easier and fun filled for the people and that is what accounts for increasing number of users on the internet to avail these facilities. One such innovative idea is about conversion of online formats. It is well known that videos, image files, audio and text files all have a specific format in which they are saved by default. This format defines it type and helps that file to be opened by the appropriate software application.

For example, an image file has .jpg, .png, .ico formats whereas on the other hand a video file would have .mp4, .flv, .divx etc formats. This is mainly because an image can be viewed on Windows Image viewer or Picasa and a video can instead be played on Windows media player or VLC media player. These formats exist in large numbers and varieties to be able to be run by different software applications. But till the time there were no capable converters available, people faced a lot of difficulties in running these files on different formats or applications.

 A need for conversion softwares arose and the idea began to be built upon. Soon converters flooded the market and the conversion of one format to the other remained no more an impossibility. One such example can be the fact that today an audio can be successfully extracted out of a video on YouTube. For all those who wish to get an mp3 file out of a YouTube video, easiest youtube to mp3 converter is now a wonderful possibility. Video to audio conversion is not less than any milestone in the field of file conversion and such useful applications prove to be a boon for the people.

Video to Audio conversion was the need of the hour and these online conversion softwares and website have successfully catered to these needs.

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