SEO Agencies: How To Win Clients And Influence People?

SEO agencies are essentially teams of people that can make the world of difference to how effective an online presence can be for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

If you run an SEO agency, you will know that it is imperative that both your team and your clients are on the same page when it comes to formulating online marketing strategies for their brands, products and services.

The problem isn’t what they don’t know – it’s what they think they know!

Many SEO agencies these days come across a lot of folks who think they have a good idea of what SEO is all about – but quite often that perception couldn’t be any further from the truth! There are literally millions of websites dedicated to the task of explaining to individuals and business owners what SEO is all about and how it can benefit them.

You only have to do a web search for a phrase such as “how do I get more visitors to my website?” and you will instantly be shown a number of results, the majority of which explain the basic principles of search engine optimisation.

So in the face of this wealth of knowledge freely available to those curious souls looking to drive more traffic to their websites, how can you win the business of such people and ensure a long and happy working relationship with them? Here are some top tips that all SEO agencies should take on board.

Don’t assume clients know what they are talking about

As I briefly covered a moment ago, the problem you will find is people approaching you thinking they know it all when it comes to search engine optimisation. The trouble is; the Internet isn’t exactly the most reliable source of information, and anyone who has ever had to research something online will tell you that there are a number of websites that just spout a load of rubbish.

Therefore, you should assume that all of your new clients know nothing about SEO and the various processes involved, such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, link building and so on.

Keep it simple

During the initial meeting with a potential client, you should walk them through exactly what it is your SEO agency does in a low-level way, explaining in layman’s terms what the purpose of each task is, and how it will benefit their website (and ultimately, their bank balance). Unless they have a specific interest in the intricacies and terminology of the SEO world, don’t tell them about it. For example, when you get your car serviced, you just want to know that it’s being maintained properly – you don’t really care how the engine block has been cast at the factory, or what sort of metals are used!

Show them what they’re paying you for

It’s not enough to simply tell your client that you’ve increased the amount of traffic to their site, they want to see facts and figures – so make sure you have those details to hand so that you can back up what you have done. Web software such as Posirank can help out here. The information they will be most likely interested in is some before and after comparisons of web traffic, website sales, and how many people have read content on theirs or other people’s blogs relating to their brand’s marketing campaigns.

Clients that are impressed with the services you provide are far more likely to spread the word about your agency’s awesome SEO skills!

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