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Getting to your first job or plan to a making a career move from a profession to another profession in the internet era you have varieties of opportunities to find your opportunities, might be you become the leaders of tomorrow. Social Networking sites helps users to connect each other and sharing ideas, opportunities.

The world of social networking lead by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest gives importance to social connections most of them are used to make relationships. Twitter used for both as social network and as professional network.

If you are job seeker you should need a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site connecting over 250 million users. Professional networking sites are great resource for recruiters and tons of companies using LinkedIn to recruit professionals. Is LinkedIn is the only professional network you can try? Have you heard about any alters or networks? Here comes Solaborate the emerging professional networking platform. In Solaborate professionals are connected each other well than any networks. Solaborate allows users lot of features for real time collaboration than LinkedIn.

About Solaborate

The California based professional networking platform Solaborate launched their public beta on October 22nd, 2013 making the platform available to everyone in the technology ecosystem. According to Marketwire’s report Solaborate raised over $1 Million in seed round. Site was purely built on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing, WebSockets, and WebRTC protocol and built in using HTML5.

Highlights of Solaborate

Labinot Bytyqi founder and CEO of Solaborate says that “We saw a gap between Facebook and LinkedIn, Facebook is mainly for personal use and LinkedIn for your professional life. What if we combined the best of both for professionals working in the technology industry?” Solaborate was born.

Forbes says Solaborate is a combination of the words “social” and “collaboration” and comes with a twist. This social network is geared for technology professionals.

Real time Collaboration

As per title of the post we can say that Solaborate’s technology will help the professionals to engage really well in future. Now Solaborate allows users to make group audio, video calls, option to share files with in the call as well as share their screens in real time. Make a look at Solaborate’s new update and advantages.

Why Solaborate over LinkedIn for Collaboration?

So far LinkedIn doesn’t allows users to communicate directly like real time chatting or video calling. But in Solaborate users can chat from the network, can make audio calls only, video calls. Through file and screen sharing Solaborate highly improved their communication capabilities. Solaborate also enables technology companies to support and demonstrate their products or services better by creating a richer and more personalized customer experience.

You don’t need to install any plugins or software’s to enjoy video or audio calls. If you are a blogger you can  now share your thoughts through Solaborate’s blog feature.

You can ask questions from Solaborate’s home page, share photos, videos, documents, polls, events etc. Can upload and organize your documents in one place, can be shared public or private. For your business developments you can create company pages and share your business news to your followers.

Technically,  the difference between Solaborate and LinkedIn is that Solaborate is interesting and unique because of their unique targeted community and their various innovative tools for real-time communication and collaboration. It provides technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time and be more productive. The professionals in the technology industry will have almost everything they need at their fingertips.

Solaborate goes beyond internal integration to enable interaction with people outside the company, including experts, potential hires and even customers. It differentials itself in the world of social networking by focusing on the needs of tech professionals providing all the tools and services they need in their daily activities.  The platform offers many features that enhance the productivity of technology professionals, their companies, products and services.
Solaborate has also released its Android mobile app, available for download at Google Play.

Join Solaborate now for free and learn how to leverage all the tools and services that will make you more productive. Create a profile for yourself, your company, product or service; connect, collaborate and exchange knowledge in real-time with tech professionals, post updates and stay on top of the tech industry.

Join at  or download the mobile app for your Android device.

Learn more about Solaborate and its capabilities by watching this video or visiting features page.

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