The Secrets to Finding Endless Blog Post Ideas

Thinking of a great blog post idea for your blog can take up more time than writing the actual blog itself. Not only can you find yourself with writers block, you can give yourself many headaches trying to think of a great idea that smacks you in the face as soon as you read the title. There are ways you can make thinking of ideas much easier though; in fact, you could find yourself with an endless list of ideas by learning these secrets…

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Buy a Stack of Magazines

Magazines are an excellent resource when you’re trying to think of blog post ideas. There’s a magazine for virtually every industry, so if you’re focusing on one particular industry then simply buy a few of those, or buy a mix of gossip, health & fitness, and gadget magazines for great inspiration. Of course, you should never ever steal a magazine’s idea…that would be plagiarism! You are looking to get inspired from the magazines ideas, and in doing so spin your own great idea.


Grab a piece of paper and a marker pen and brainstorm using the keyword or industry you want to focus this piece of writing around. Let’s say the industry is health and fitness; you’d write that in the middle of your paper and then branch off with different ideas. For example you could write about; the benefits of cardio, the benefits of weight lifting, running, swimming, walking, leg day at the gym, what you should eat to grow, what you should eat to get lean, what you shouldn’t be eating, etc. You can then branch off your new branches with even more ideas!

Argue The Opposite Opinion

Everybody loves a good controversial post, so arguing the opposite opinion is perfect. Why not write about ‘why cardio is bad for you’, or ‘the foods you thought were healthy that really aren’t’?

Flip an Old Post

The majority of your readers will be new readers, so if you’re really stuck on ideas go back into the archives and choose a post that you can flip, or write a ‘part 2’ to it. If you go back far enough your loyal readers won’t mind, and your new readers will love the idea.

Look on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are great places for sharing quality content (and even not so quality content), so they’re a great place to look for blog post inspiration. What is everybody on your news feed talking about? Write a blog post about it or based around it!

Hire a Content Marketing Company

A content marketing company that offers a quality blog writing service will be able to take the stress away from you. Simply give them a brief on the kind of post you want (or tell them to go crazy), and watch the magic happen!

Write Every Single Idea Down

Every idea you have for a blog post, no matter how stupid or insignificant it might seem at the time; write it down! A blog post idea that seemed silly when you first thought of it might be perfect next week, or help to give you even more inspiration a few days down the line.

Don’t just sit staring at your computer/laptop in despair; try the ideas above to think of a never ending list of ideas that will get you through the hard times!


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