Things you Should Consider Before Making Backlinks to your Website

Before going to this post, let us consider some important things about backlinks.The word “Backlinks” was actually started by Google,. When Google Spider comes to Crawl your website, it consider number of things while crawling, like.

  • Domain age
  • Fresh Content
  • Daily Visitors
  • Backlinks


Things you should also consider when you are going to get backlinks.

You should have a self hosted blog with top level domain. Now you will be thinking why this is necessary. Well, actually it is not necessary but good for your blogging career. Content is the king! But not necessarily only content gives you readers. If you have a top level domain ( like we have, it’ll drive the attention of not only Search Engines but also readers that you are serious about your blog and blogging career.

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There are numerous ways to get backlinks, but these backlinks instead of ranking your blog high can drop your blog to dead. So here’s what you should know before starting your backlinks campaign.

Authority of Backlink

Backlinks, both dofollow and nofollow are good for your blog if it’s coming from some authority websites. You should know about it that the blog, directory, site or a post you are getting backlinks from has some authority or not. It is not necessary to make backlinks only from authority blogs.

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Make some low-strength backlinks from small blogs, websites, directories – either dofollow or nofollow, Be natural. It is good to be natural while making backlinks, you must heard of Google Panda, it will bring your blogging career to an end if you are not natural and are not making backlinks wisely. Consider this phrase, Making backlinks doesn’t mean you should start spamming and making a large number of links. You just have to be consistent, natural and wise.

Relevancy of Blog – where you have backlinks

It is also important that your get backlinks from a relevant websites or a blogs. Let’s suppose, you got a ” Blogging” niche blog. You start sharing everything about blogging stuff. So Google is aware about this thing that you have a blog about blogging. But what if you got backlinks from a Health blog, which is completely different from your blog topic. So Google will consider it as spamming, and your blog will likely to be hit by Google Panda. It also doesn’t mean that if you have made a backlink from a irrelevant blog/website, your blog will penalized by Google. 1-2 are fair! But don’t be cheap while making backlinks, make backlinks from a relevant blog.

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Saturation of your backlinks.

Saturation of your backlinks is an Important factor in backlink campaign. It is Important that you have backlinks from different, different websites and blogs. In this case it doesn’t matters the relevancy of blog niche. But it also doesn’t mean that you start making spam comments on every blog/website. There are some autopilot softwares which can make you backlinks but we strongly discourage the use of them. So now we’ll start talking about, How to get quality and worthy backlinks for your blog.

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How to Get Backlinks For Your Blog?

So If you have read the all upper stuff, you have accumulated some knowledge about backlinks and you are ready to learn about how you can get some quality and worthy backlinks for your blog. So here’s the good stuff for you.

Get Backlinks From Social Media

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There are numerous Social Media Sites over Internet, The most famous, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. So the most easy way to get backlinks for your blog is Social Media. There’s a plus point of it. It will not create only backlink for you but if you have plenty of followers and readers on Social Media, it can boost your PPC earning.( The matter of fact, it is stupidity to relay only on organic traffic ) If you don’t know how you can make some quality backlinks for your blog. We’ll suggest go through from some of our other posts.

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Social Media Sites provide variation in backlinks, some of them are ‘dofollow’ and some are ‘nofollow’ . So sharing is caring, share the good stuff and you’ll get a backlink and some traffic. Backlinks from Social Media sites also helps your blopost to index fast in Google.

Get Backlinks from Forums

Forums provide signature attribute with a dofollow backlink to your blog. There are plenty of forums out there, It is good if you are niche specific. It can provide plenty of backlinks to you if you are active at forums.

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Get Backlinks by Commenting

Commenting is considered the most easy way to get backlinks. Yep it is, It is the most easy way to get ‘nofollow’ backlinks. But worth it. The most simple practice for it, go to some blogs you follow ( it is even good, if blogs are commentluv enabled ) write, appreciate the author and post your comment.( Commenting on blog relevancy niche blog is important factor here ) than read other’s comment on the same post and go to there blog. Post a comment there and repeat the procedure. If you do this regularly, you’ll not only get plenty of backlinks but it’ll also boost your blogging relationship with other bloggers and will help you to talk and share your experience with many other bloggers.

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Get Backlinks By Guest Post

Guest post is the most legit way to get backlink. It is the best way to get a ‘dofollow’ backlink to your specific post on your blog. It benefits both, owner of the blog and the guest author. Owner get some healthy content and guest author get a ‘dofollow’ backlink. Best Practice for it is go on searching your niche specific blog and contact their owner’s, If you got some healthy content, they will not resist you to put a backlink in it. You can also share these thoughts on Socila Media to get some blog owners acknowledged that you are willing to do a guest post. Things to remember while posting a guest post on other’s blog.

  • Page Rank and Domain Authority of the blog.
  • Niche of the blog.
  • Daily traffic and popularity of the blog.

Guest post on a big blog can boost your traffic.

Final Words

So these were some legit ways to get backlinks. But they are not least. If you stick with us, you will find some more ways to get backlinks for your blog.

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