Why These Tweets Worked?

According to the a statistic from earlier this year, over 58 million tweets are made every day from more than 554 million users, of which only 60% seem to actually be sending out tweets. So how do you become effective on Twitter? How will you make your followers click-through your tweets? Why These Tweets Worked?

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Let’s Begin:

1. Make Your Followers Active

Tweeting a “call-to-action” will make your followers active because you are seeking to solve a problem or improve something by offering them something. You are not going viral because you recommend your product. That is a mistake for beginners (yes we fell for that). If you have a product, a call-to-action on Twitter will cause followers to be motivated to click on the link (getting them to convert once on sight is another job). Examples: Please retweet, Check out, Please vote, (problem)? This is for you…

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2. Include a Link

The link can be to an image or another type of digital media, or it can take readers back to your blog. From experience, don’t insert a link into every tweet for the links to be effective. If you make 20 tweets a week, then maybe insert 3 or 4 links. Remember that Twitter is “micro-blogging” and does not always have to connect to another blog.

3. Throw in Some Math

When you can back up something with X% like or find something interesting you are proving that what you have to tweet is not a total waste of time. A fake example: “65% of Americans prefer pizza to hamburgers”.

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4. Mention Others

This tweet is extremely successful if used properly. Let’s say for example that a large company in your field or region reads or likes your blog or anything like that, then you can tweet, “@ABCD likes us, what about you?”.

5. #Excellent#Terrific#Insane#OutofthisWorld#Huge#Bestever

Make sure that you are using the correct descriptive words. Don’t be bland all the time, try to stand out, and sometimes that means using longer words and writing less. Don’t forget that is was once said, “Less is more”. You don’t always have to use all the characters and you don’t always have to go crazy with #’s. A short tweet can be more effective. Example: socialpositives is insanely fresh…everything you do, he does better!…That is a great tweet to give to someone else and then hopefully get one in return.

How to be successful on Twitter depends on many factors and there is no A-B-C guide that will take us from 100 followers to 10K. It’s a process, but at least it is a fun one!

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