4 Reasons Browser Add-Ons are a Necessity Today

We all have seen how browsers have evolved. From the Internet Explorer, that was as slow as a snail, to Google Chrome, the browsers have evolved over time. Once there used to be browsers made for just one purpose, to view the web, but slowly they evolved to multi-media browsers. Then came toolbars, that boasted of giving information without interrupting your work.

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Finally came the Google era, and today over 70% of desktop users are running Google Chrome. But, with Google Chrome’s entrance in the Browser arena, toolbars saw their exit, as they had evolved into browser add-ons. Today, browser add-ons or extensions are the toolbar of the past, that help us to get our work done more easily. So here are 4 reasons that you should start using browser extensions, if you aren’t using them right now.

Keeping the Ads Away

As the web has evolved, we all have seen advertisements getting weirder and weirder. Some promise free mobiles to us, while others say that we have won 100,000$ in a giveaway we hadn’t entered. But all of them lead to one thing, and that is junk we don’t want to see. But to keep the advertisements away, do we stop visiting the websites ? Nah, we just use an AdBlock browser-add on. The best ad blocker add-on that we have seen is the AdBlock Plus. It blocks only the intrusive ads and shows the ads that are useful to you. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Saving Money while Shopping

Browser add-ons not only keep the ads away, but they are also helpful when it comes to shopping online. When you are seeing some random item on an e-commerce website, the add-on displays the same item for a cheaper price on another trusted e-commerce website. This way, you not only save your hard-earned money, but also save your time ! Now, that’s killing two birds with one arrow.


Browser add-ons can also enhance your work and save your time. There are many add-ons that Read It Later, and Google Keep, that allow you to capture the current page that you are viewing so that you can read it later. These add-ons even work offline, so if you captured a page earlier, and you don’t have web-connectivity, even then you can view the page. Smart, isn’t it ?

There are also other add-ons like Outlook, and Gmail, that allow you to check your email even when you are working on another website. These add-ons notify you when you receive an email, so you don’t have to keep visiting your email.


Now this is the most important part. After all, it is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Okay, your name may not be Jack, but still work without play is boring. Browser add-ons have revolutionized the way games are played. Now you can play popular games like Cut The Rope and Battlefield right in your browser, in the tea or lunch break at the office. These add-ons are supported on Google Chrome, and allow you to play offline once you have downloaded to game files to your browser.

So if till now you haven’t embraced the Browser add-on revolution, it is time to do so. After all, just a few years back apps were seen as something not so useful, and look today they are a requirement. Similarly, browser-add ons might not be that popular right now, but they are the future !

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