4 Reasons why Video Marketing is so Important for your Business

How you promote you business through online? Which is the best marketing way? Normally we gives priority to article marketing. Might you will write an article and publish it somewhere on the web. Visitors just reading your article and may be they will only remember your business for sometimes.

You can’t make any impressions on your readers just with your text contents. Is article marketing is the only way to promote your business? Definitely not.  Advertising options have expanded considerably over the past few years. The primary option is video marketing. Now most companies gives importance to video marketing.

Video Marketing

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Do you know YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine? People knows they will only get visual information on YouTube. They love YouTube and interested to get information’s via Videos, over 90% of internet traffic is via Videos.

This is the matter why Video marketing is important for your business. Check some points…………..

Video Get Results

The web trending towards video. According to a study published by PRNewswire.com video email increases click-through rates by 96 percent. William Debauchez’s marketing team, called ILG System says that “Video shows me as a real person, with a real company. Most of all, video is very powerful at motivating people to take action. When I’m talking to my audience, I can communicate emotions and body language that feels ‘up close and personal’ and they respond to that. I get around 50% more direct responses from video emails compared to conventional email!”

Quality and interesting videos will catch up the clients. Video marketing helps you to improve your consumer engagement, click-through, and business traffics. Video’s gives you the opportunity to interact with your new clients easily and they can understand easily what about your business is. Definitely you will get results via Video Marketing’s.

Brand Awareness

According to a study  by Harris Interactive on behalf of Digitas among some 2,200 U.S. adults surveyed says 46% of online video viewers said that if an online video mentions a new product or brand, they’re likely to look that brand up afterwards.

Study continuous 49% of respondents that follow brands on social networks say if companies post a video. So if you promoting your business through Videos that creates visitors a perfect brand awareness and it shows you are really serious on your business.

Better Search Engine Traffic

Videos gives you better search engine traffic especially from Google. Forrester Research Group says “video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine.” Here with video’s you are working for your contents or business’s search engine promotion you are working for Search Engine Optimization.

How you can get more clients for your business? Only visitors comes to your website and understand about whats is your business about and what you offer for them. While displaying your business with videos that will helps you to bring more traffic from search engines and more clients to your company.

Perfect Call to Action

Video marketing is the best way to use a call to action better than using just on email marketing. While some one watching your business videos ate the end you can add a coupon or special offer that will get more attraction and no irritation.

For your business video marketing purposes you can hire professional video creation companies. For video resumes we recommending video resumes Australia for your business purposes.

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