5 Reasons why Google+ Communities are better than Facebook Groups

As just a social networking platform might be Facebook is your favorite. When it comes to business your eyes should be surrounded behind Google and their other products. You can make business through Facebook or Twitter. But still most preferred and valued is traffic and business via search engines specially via Google.

Google+ is the second largest social networking platform just behind Facebook. You should promote your business on Google+ because its a product of Google.

Google+ is a complete social networking platform helps users to interact well with traditional sharing and liking, Google hangouts, chatting, joining group hangouts, joining with events, making professional relationships through Google+ communities.

Most of these features are available at Facebook too but the matters comes to Google+communities, comparatively Google+ communities are better than Facebook groups. Why? How? Here are the reasons…..

1. Google+ community Posts will be found in Organic Search results

The first and best reason. Still marketers, business persons love Google than Facebook. Google shows your business is genuine or not. Companies  love getting traffic from search engines than social networking sites.

Posts in Google+ community are indexed by Google and will be found in organic search results. Its hard to get Facebook posts results on Google search results.

2. Allows Brands to Identify consumers google-community

Create Google+ communities with your brand identity. For example if you are running an SEO service company, you can create a Google+ community under your company name.

While someone joining or visiting your community they will see who create that community and they maybe more likely to also follow the creator”s Google+ page. This helps you to expose your brand, business to more peoples.

No one cares about who is behind Facebook groups. Only possibility is you can put your own brand image as Facebook group cover photo but that seems like self promotion.

3. Filter topics by Categories


The great advantage of Google+ communities over Facebook groups.  You can easily find your favorite topics or categories on your communities . For example you are a member of a computer programming community and that group contains lot of categories like Java, Java Script, PHP, .net, Python, Ruby, Perl but you are interested to get knowledge about Ruby programming related posts you can easily select your topic on the left side.

It’s impossible to find your favorite topics on Facebook group. You can just search on groups to find existing posts but its not fair or easy to get your targeted result. Members allowed posts to be allocated to these specific categories on Google+ communities.

4. Good Moderation, Less Spam

Less spams and good moderation while we feels using Google+ communities. Compare to Facebook groups Google+ is strictly moderated by moderators and they will take hard actions if you spamming with unwanted links on community. You will be ban if you do again and again.

Lot of Facebook groups only created for just link sharing. Its hard to show your business to others via Facebook groups.

5. Share with a community is also shared to your profile

By default option everything you share with a community also shared to your Google+ profile. If you need you can change this settings. Here the way to hide Google+ Community activities on your Profile.

As one of the emerging social networks you should be active on Google+ and that will brings you to get more followers on the network and will increase your business.

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