Don’t Write Angry Blog Posts

Have you ever come across a blog post, and read it and then you are like, “wow, this is one angry blogger (or cry-baby)”? One thing that I notice from time to time is a blogger that has a problem with something, and instead of writing how to solve or what happened in the proper manner, the blogger goes nuts. Suggestion: Do not go Nuts! angry blog post

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No matter what field you are in, you should always keep your cool. When on the phone with a client, any good manager will keep his/her cool, and the one that does not will most likely be out of a job. The equivalent in the blog world would be your blog with no traffic. Dealing with an issue that one faced can be blogged about in many different ways, and can have an undertone of disappointment or dissatisfaction, but the main point should be on how your readers can avoid this same problem, and if they face the problem, how to deal with it. By keeping a professional tone, the blogger sends a message to the audience-this is how you need to act, because this is what brings results.

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It is just not healthy to pout. Stress is not healthy. Why hurt yourself? Turn a negative situation into a positive situation for others. Now, this is not going to make you a healthier person, but it will prevent the blogger from becoming a bitter/angry human being (in the blogosphere and outside of it). A healthy person is a better blogger (unless the blog is about the importance of sugar and more fat in a diet).

Getting Feedback:

What is content? I’d like to say that it is anything that can be commented or given feedback on. So what kind of content is “angry/dissatisfied content”? It is content that does not lead to the same amount of feedback as opposed to happy or even a neutral stand pointed post. It seems to me that fewer people will take the time to give feedback on a post that rants, and most likely even fewer will finish reading the post.

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Who does not want feedback?

At the end of the day, before taking this into consideration, and anything else regarding the production and “view” of one’s blog, the blogger and team must take into consideration what their blog is and what the goal is. If the goal is to teach or inform readers, then taking the high-road (not getting angry) is the correct approach.

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