Facebook vs Google+: The Showdown

Social media networks are in tough competing due to the growing needs of Social Media and their internet usage. A lot of people and companies are becoming part of largest social media networks including Google+, Facebook and twitter. Among all these networks, Facebook and Google+ have head to head competition and there stats and social activities have been compared from many years. If you are interested to understand which one is leading and which one is lagging in particular features, read below.

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Facebook and Google+ comparison:

Facebook and Google +, both are great social networks but each of it has its own features that sometimes lead with other network and making it more prominent. Let’s discuss how.

Monthly Visits

If you see monthly visit, then you will be shocked that Google Plus has 1.203 billion monthly visits. How this is possible? The Google service to read Gmail is also considered as click to Google + and it is counted in a monthly visit analysis. Facebook has no such service and shows lesser number of monthly visits that reached up to 809 million.

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Google + offers Authorship

If you compare Facebook and Google+, then you will find Google authorship an added advantage for search engines. Facebook has no authorship for users and Google+ is leading in this aspect. People find their Google Authorship along with content they publish. This facility offers huge benefits in terms of high traffic, more clicks and a greater visibility on the search pages.

No of active visitors

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with its 693 million users that’s made half population of the internet world. The active users are from total 903 million accounts that visit this social media daily. On the other side, Google + is lagging Facebook and it has 343 million active users.

Social signals comparison

Facebook and Google + were analyzed to measure the social signals. No doubt Facebook is the increasing growing network and has a remarkable leading factor of social signals when compared with Google+. But in reports, both networks are analyzed separately to find the growth of social media management and social networks from 2012 to 2013. Facebook is growing slowly but Google+ is growing very fast to compete with Facebook. The growth percentages are listed in the figure below.

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Video Sharing

If you compare Facebook and Google+ for video sharing, then you will see that Facebook is the fastest growing network for entertainment and updating statuses. People enjoy sharing their thoughts and videos on Facebook then sharing similar content on Google+. Google has to work hard in order to compete with Facebook in sharing content.

Revenues from ads

Another comparable factor is the revenue generated from ads. Facebook advertising campaigns are good and providing extensive profits to the facebook but google adwords are excellent when it comes to generating highest profits. More than $43 million revenue was generated in 2012 from Google ad campaigns, but facebook was lagging with just $4.2 million at that time. Google adwords, PPC and similar advertising techniques have been followed by SEO companies to rank their pages on search engines.

The above comparison is based on real facts and figures that are represented in annual reports and monthly analysis of social media networks. Facebook is the leading network with millions of users on monthly basis and Google+ is the 2nd largest and trying to compete with Zuckerberg social network in various ways. Experts also believe that Google+ will replace Facebook as growing and 1st largest network in coming years and Facebook will vanish away. But ,you can still follow Facebook as it is the largest network these days.

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