Google Launched Android-based Open Automotive Alliance with Honda, GM and More

Google launched Android based open automotive alliance with Honda, General Motors, Audi, Hyundai etc. The group created to improve a better integration with Cars and Android devices. Google Launched Android-based Open Automotive Alliance

Image Credit –  Jasper Morse/Flickr

In press release the team announced that ‘There are over 1 billion cars on the road today. We rely on our cars for so many things in our lives, but right now the connection between them and the other mobile technology in our lives isn’t always seamless. The Open Automotive Alliance is a group of leading automakers and technology companies that share a vision for making technology in the car safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone.”

Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome at Google says “The expansion of the Android platform into automotive will allow our industry partners to more easily integrate mobile technology into cars and offer drivers a familiar, seamless experience so they can focus on the road.”

Mary Chan, President of General Motors’ Global Connected Consumer unit says “Partnering with Google and the OAA on an ecosystem that spans across vehicles and handheld mobile devices furthers our mission to bring vehicles into our owners digital lives and their digital lives into their vehicles.”

This is the search engine giants first great technology move in 2014. Recently Google acquired Bitspin the team behind Android alarm clock app Timely.

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