Google to Shutdown their Goal Sharing Service Schemer

Google to shutdown their goal sharing service service schemer on February 7. Schemer officially announced on their Google+ post. schemer They announced that “Schemer launched in beta over a year ago to help inspire and motivate people to do more awesome stuff, and though the app is shutting down, the adventures will continue. You can use the “Explore” section on Google Maps for Android and iOS to find interesting things to do around you, or Field Trip to uncover hidden or unique things in your city, among others.

Schemer says All your schemes are available for download until February 7, 2014, after which all data will be permanently deleted.

How to get your schemer data’s?

Log in to

Select “Email me my schemes” at the top of the page.

Thats it. Your all schemer data will be emailed to you with in 24 hours from schemers official email address. The data contains  two attachments of the exact same data in formats like CSV and HTML. You can choose the formats which works best for you.

You have only less than 1 month to get your schemer data’s.

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