How FourSquare Rewards and Punishes the Superusers?

The worlds biggest location based social networking platform FourSquare revealed their secret how they rewards and punished the superusers. FourSquare says that they maintain a database of 60 million venues. The company today revealed how they maintain their 60 million venue database and  how they rewards superusers.

FourSquare superuser means they provide  three levels of “Superuser status.” Superuser status is conferred on users who have been selected by foursquare staff for their helpful contributions to the community.

FourSquare today announced that “At Foursquare, we have a simple, first-principles based method of resolving proposed venue attribute updates. We can gauge each Superuser’s voting accuracy based on their performance on honeypots (proposed updates with known answers which are deliberately inserted into the updates queue). Measuring performance and using these probabilities correctly is the key to how we assign points to a Superuser’s vote.

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You can download the file to know more about how FourSquare Rewards and Punishes the Superusers.

How Foursquare Rewards and Punishes the Super Users by Mohammed Anzil

Credit – FourSquare Engineering Blog

FourSquare founded by 2009 by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai and now it has over 33 million users worldwide.

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