Ways To Use Pinterest For SEO

Whats your hardcore as a online business man? Definitely getting  the search engine optimization (SEO), boost visitors and more business. You are try to get backlinks from quality sites to prominently featured in the search engine ranking pages SERPs. We know getting backlinks from sites will increase our sites visibility on search engines but how we optimize social networking sites for our SEO purposes especially the trending network Pinterest?

Pinterest seo

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What Pinterest is? Started just as a photo sharing site on March 2010 now its one of the biggest social media platform behind the social legends Facebook and Twitter. According to the Statista reports Pinterest drives more traffic to the publishers than Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn or Google+. If you hire SEO services the companies will help you to boost your business on search engines. But it comes to social media you should try yourself for better enhancements. Without any doubt we can say be active on Pinterest is a must need way to promote your business through social media.

Did you know you can use Pinterest for SEO? How?……………..! A look at Pinterest and some SEO facts.

1. Profile Optimization

Like any other social networks you should optimize your Pinterest profile too. Optimize your Pinterest page with your real name, username and also Pinterest allows you to verify your Website or Blog.

If you do these properly search engines will pick your about section. The about section will announce who you are and what you are doing. For brand promotion you can use your brand as username.

2. Optimize your Images

Be ensure that the images uploaded to Pinterest have ‘Alt’ text and description because that is the default information picked by Pinterest. Search engines crawl image descriptions. If you are properly using keyword-rich file names or your business names your Pinterest image will be show while people searching for images on Google, Bing etc.

3. Create Backlinks through Pinterest

Backlinks are the ultimate core of any SEO campaign. Having lots of quality backlinks can dramatically increase your reputation on search engines.

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Did you know Pinterest can help you create more backlinks for SEO purposes? Every time a pin is pinned or repinned on the site it creates a backlink to the source page. Those links from Pinterest are ‘nofollow’ means you may not get the SEO juice but it is visible on search engines and you will get some traffics.

The things you should consider while pinning on Pinterest is you must start creating more of your own pins means the PIN url should be your SEO target site.

4. Keyword Targeting

Another important of any SEO campaign is keyword targeting. You can try this on Pinterest too. Pinterest allows you 500 characters to describe each pin uploaded. Use your targeted keywords on Pinterest pin description.

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Using keyword-rich descriptions and proper hashtags will bring your Pinterest page up in the rankings.

5. Pin-it Button

Like using Facebook like button or Twitter Tweet button also use Pinterest pin-it-button on your blogs or websites. This will enhance your readers to share your content with images on their Pinterest profile.

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