Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ could be Announced on April 2014 and Released on April 2015

Windows next major update rumors just started that Windows 9 named ‘Threshold’ could be announced on April 2014 and might be released on April 2015. windows 9 According to Paul Thurott on Supersite for Windows “At the BUILD developer conference in April 2014, Microsoft will discuss its vision for the future of Windows, including a year-off release codenamed “Threshold” that will most likely be called Windows 9. Here’s what I know about the next major release of Windows.

Microsoft  will reportedly use three important milestones, they expects to deliver milestone releases of “Threshold” before its final release. So far there is no confirmation about the names will be called Beta, Release or Candidate.

Windows is currently planning to drop the name Windows 8 and  brand this next release as Windows 9. The name “Threshold’ not be eventually and could be changed over the next year. Delivering Windows 9 in 2015 means that we can see Windows 8 is available for almost 3 years.

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