How to Improve your Blog Today?

Running a blog can be a handful-if you are doing it the right way. Blogging has expanded into a word of over 200 million blogs all over the net. Those are not the same numbers that existed four or five years ago when the pioneers joined the blogosphere and helped to make it what it is today. With so many competing blogs in a niche, how does one get an upper hand? Well obviously the quick answer that comes to my mind is content and networking. If a blogger has content that can become king and knows how to network then life as a blogger can be less difficult than running a marathon. blog What about everyone else? Not all the 200 million have that kind of content or networking capabilities. Here are a few easy to understand tips, that if used correctly, will no doubted improve your blog.

“About” Page:

First of all, please make it short (at most half a page) unless you are President Obama and have something so special that readers have to know. A good “About” page can be half a page-less is more. Start out with a short catch phrase or quote that you adore and can stand to market you. When readers come across that quote next time, they’ll think of you. After that give readers some more info on yourself/blog, but make sure that it does not go over half a page. At the end: link to social media. This is a great spot for custom social icons to express yourself and attract readers to connect with you (maybe let them know what they will get by connecting with you).


They have to be unique. There are images that we have all come across more than once. Now the chance of someone clicking on a post that has an image that is familiar and constantly used in the niche is not going to attract mass clicks via social media. No one looks for average blog posts, and that is exactly what it seems like is happening when a blogger uses an over-used image. It is average and the post becomes average.

Interact with Readers:

A blogger should look to give readers several ways to interact with the audience. The best way is creating a discussion in the comments feed, which means the blogger has to comment in reply to what others have said. In addition to comments there are plenty of other ways to interact with readers (as you can see with the widget at the end of post). Go to the plugin inventory of your blog builder (WP, Blogger, Jumla, etc.) and take the time to find plugins that will make it easy and fun for more readers to give back.


It’s that easy. Give, and don’t expect anything in return. Run a giveaway, but don’t make entering and winning dependent on how much the contestant does for you. A blogger can do what he/she wants, but a true giveaway should be to give back to readers, and hence should not lead them to have to share to increase the chances of winning. Of course giving and taking in a giveaway in such site like, RaffleCopter, is not horrible, just don’t make it a habit to throw a giveaway, and at the same time expect readers to help you out.

That’s it folks! If you have got something to say, then say it. I don’t remember the last shy person that walked on the moon.

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