LinkedIn Etiquette: Personalization and Professionalism

In everything you do, there is a different standard of etiquette. At school and work, there is different etiquette, and even on social media sites the etiquette varies from site to site. LinkedIn is the “business” social network, and so there is a difference between it and its brethren. LinkedIn Etiquette is… linkedin

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Private messages: When sending someone a private message to someone that you have never met or interacted with before, make sure that you start with a short introduction. Don’t bore the reader; rather tell him/her about yourself based on what they do. If you write to a blogger, then tell them what you do that is connected to blogging. Stay relevant.

The worst thing is when someone sends me a message, because I commented on something and then they expect me to respond. Why should I? Who are you?

No personalization means that you are not maximizing your effect on others.

Invitations: Don’t just send “Hi, I want to add you to my network”. It is not personal or very catchy. If anything it shows the other side that you don’t really care about them. For you, the person you want to connect with is just another person on LinkedIn and another +1 to the number of connections. Either create a custom message that can be edited in a few seconds to personalize it each time, or just write a new message each time. How much time does it take to write a personal message? If you don’t have enough time, then I guess connecting with that Mr. or Ms. is not that important.


Grammar: No typos are accepted. Do you want to read a blog post with grammatical mistakes? If not, then you also don’t wan to see it on the social network that is geared at making professional connections. Don’t be guilty of this silly and common error.

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Smart comments: Please, don’t comment on something saying, “I agree”. If that’s all there is to say, then just “like” it. A smart comment is not judged by its length, rather by its quality (quality and not quantity). Also, don’t comment just by reading the title, as assuming that based on that you can judge the entire post can make an a** out of yourself.

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Image: This is not Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Does that mean that you cannot use the same image? No that is not what it means. If you are going to use the same image, then decide what image you are going to use for LinkedIn first, and then go to the next social media site, and not vice versa. How does one choose a LinkedIn image? Ask yourself the question, “would I seek to interact or hire this person”. If so, your image is a go.

What are you sharing?!

What content do you share? The content you share represents you, so just be careful what you are sharing, and if you are sharing something make sure the link works. Don’t you find it odd that someone that is a professional social media manager shares a broken link on LinkedIn?

How do you act on LinkedIn? I always want to get better, so what do I need to learn from you?

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