Top 25 Highest Paying Companies Internships

Here is the list of top 25 highest paying companies internships. List is dominated by tech companies, Palantir Technologies, the American computer software and services company that specializing in US government customers ranks #1 with interns earning an average monthly base pay of $7,012.
Highest Paying Companies Internships

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Amercian cloud and virtualization company VMware ranking #2 with interns earning an average of $6,966 per month. The next 3 rankings are for the internet’s great companies. Online social networking and micro-blogging service Twitter Inc gets the #3 place with an average of $6,791 and LinkedIn comes at #4 and the social giant Facebook comes at #5 with an average of $6,213 with interns earnings.

US based job and career site Glassdoor published the list. Glassdoor rated the companies based on data collected from on the site with 20 or more intern salary reports over a 12-month period ending on Jan. 23.

List of 25 Highest Paying Companies Internships

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