Top 7 Reasons why your Resume failed to Generate Response

Its really hard to get hired for your dream job on a reputed company. The job market is really competitive. It may be frustrating if you don’t get a call back from the company you applied for jobs.


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The big question is is that your mistake? Did you applied properly? Any way lets look top 7 reasons why your resume failed to generate response.

1. Your Qualification

You can’t expect a call for a job, if your qualification didn’t match the job profile? For example if you are a Engineering graduate and you are applying for a job the qualification is Business Administration. How can you expect a call from recruiters? Never, try to stop false application because this will frustrate your mind and its a negative remark for your personality by the companies.

2. You didn’t Apply as per the Instructions

The major reasons why you resume failed to generate response. You should submit your resume the instructions you had. If they ask you to submit your previous work experience certificate you should produce, if they as your salary certificate or anything you should follow their instructions 100%.

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3. The Right Keywords

Your resume didn’t have the right keywords. For example if a company looking for a php or MySQL Developer you should add that keywords properly on the resume title. We all knows first impression is the best impression. Also don’t forget to add related keywords that beside the job qualifications.

4. Your Resume is too Long

If your resume is too long that might be wastes the time of recruiter. Only attach necessary files that asked to submit with the resumes. Lot of peoples add lot of unwanted additional things with the resume to create an impression on recruiter. If you do you will  be marked as over smart.

5. Misspellings and Grammatical errors

Your resume needs to be grammatically perfect otherwise it will affect your career. Its better if your resume reviewed by a career expert or a friend or family member before submitting.

6. Incorrect Contact Information

Here you are losing your opportunities. Please double-check the contact malformations you provided on resume was correct. For example your email address, phone number etc.

7. Reduce the letter ‘i’

Try to reduce the letter ‘i’ on your resumes. It means don’t put the more like this ‘i can do anything’ or ‘i’m great’ or ‘i can handle everything’ or ‘i can manage anything’ etc.

Avoid these mistakes and get your dream job now. Have a happy job hunting…..

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