10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

Everyone is a blogger these days. School student or Engineering graduate, both are blogging. 20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist. Today there are more than 150 million blog’s exists.

Blog Writing Mistakes
Blogging doesn’t means you should register a domain and choose a blogging platform like WordPress, Tumblr or or Blogger and want to share your thoughts via that site. If you write something on social networks like Facebook and receiving comments then you are a blogger and you are blogging.  

You are tweeting on Twitter and receiving feedback’s, then you are a micro-blogger. If you blog well you can get a better job, get more clients to your existing business, become a better writer and you can gain influence. All you need is to blog well.

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But if you jump to blogging field and writing articles you should care and to avoid some common blog writing mistakes. Here are the 10 common blog writing mistakes you should avoid.
Blog Writing Mistakes

Infographic Credit – www.grammarcheck.net

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