3 Steps to create Secure, Easy-to-remember Passwords

How to be secure on internet? Its not really easy. While it comes personal if you are accessing social media sites or any other sites, you should care about creating passwords for each and every website.
passwordLot of newbies are using some worst passwords like “123456”, “abc123”, “adobe123”, “qwerty” etc. These passwords are listed in the 25 worst passwords ever.

We can create strong passwords easily, passwords might be really hard to hack. But the question is how to create passwords that’s easy to remember and always hard to hack.

Here the 3 steps to create secure passwords and also easy to remember that passwords.

Choose a Phrase

If you choose  a phrase to create passwords, that will be more secure and easy to remember. For example let’s use a quote from Bill Gates “Rich countries can afford to overpay for things.”

You can use use the first letter of each word or last letter of each word and substitute 4 for “for”. From this quote you can create two good passwords.

Rccato4t and hsndoy4s.

Add some Special Characters

We can improve the phrase passwords more strongly by adding some special characters. Here is how to do this…..

^Rccato4t*$ and )!hsndoy4s#

Associate it with any Websites

Use that passwords on different websites by adding a prefix or suffix. To make passwords more stronger use uppercase and lowercase letters. Here we go with some examples.

^Rccato4t*$TwR for Twitter

GoOG^Rccato4t*$ for Google

^Rccato4t*$FCb for Facebook

pst^Rccato4t*$ for Pinterest

^Rccato4t*$yHo for Yahoo

These passwords are just created to show you for examples. With these kind of passwords you can easily remeber the website and password you are used on it. You can reverse the order, using only vowels or consonants or add characters that easily to remember.

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