How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your Website?

Pinterest, now one of the webs trending social networking website. From just a photo sharing site now its a good alternative for some users who are bored using Twitter or Facebook.

For social media presence lot of bloggers and website owners embeding their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profiles on their sites. Did you tried Pinterest board or profile widget on your sites? You can, you should use Pinterest profile on your websites because in 2013 Pinterest is getting more than 70 million visitors per month and still growing.

So how to embed your Pinterest profile or board on your website? Here is the steps…

1. Go to Pinterest Widget Builder.

From widget builder if you need you can get Pinterest ‘Pin it’ button, Pinterest follow button to get more followers to your personal profile, Pin widget, profile widget and board widget.

Here we are embeding Pinterest board.

2. Paste the URL of the board you’d like to embed


If you click’build it’ button Pinterest will show code that set as defaulted. Its better if you use your own image seize width, board height, board width.

3. To create board widget on your own style click ‘Roll your Own’


4. Copy the code from this section and paste it on your website or blog


5. Here is an embedded board look like


Its really easy to do. Embed your profile or board on your blog or website and get more followers on Pinterest.

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