How to enable Two-Step Authentication for your Tumblr account?

Tumblr, the Yahoo owned micro-blogging platform adds Two-Step Authentication for their users. Tumblr is latest company joining with Google and Twitter already allows Two-Step Authentication for users.

How to enable Two-Step Authentication for your Tumblr account? Here are the steps…..

1. Go to your Tumblr Settings Page

Account Settings Tumblr

Go to your Tumblr setting page, scroll down. There you can see a button to enable ‘Two-factor-authentication’ for your account.

2. Add your Mobile Number


Next step is select your country, add your mobile number and your account password and click the button send.

3. Enter 6 Digit Code

If you entered your mobile number properly with in seconds you will receive a message to your mobile phone with 6 digit Tumblr authentication code and enable your account for Two-Step Authentication.

The authentication code will expire in 2 minutes.

Thats it next time you will be asked to put the 6 digit code every time while you try to access your Tumblr Dashboard. You can disable Two-Step Authentication for your Tumblr account at anytime.

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