How to Get Your Blog Updates Published on Google News?

After waking up in early morning, sitting infront of my laptop with a cup of tea, i would like to get an update about recent technology development. An around of tech news in a place, my favorite news and articles at one place Google News. That news stories pretty much help me get ideas about what to write next on my blog.
Millions of readers visiting Google News everyday to get the latest updates. What happened if your blog updates published on Google News? Awesome. I would love to get in, i would like to increase my sites traffic near 35%.

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So how to get our blog updates published on Google News? Here we go………………………

What Google expect from your Blog?

What Google expect from your blog to their news site. Here is Google’s some basic terms to get in.

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Google News aims to organize all the world’s news and make it accessible to its users, while providing the best possible experience for those seeking useful and timely news information. Sites included in Google News should offer timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to our audience. We generally do not include how-to articles, advice columns, job postings, or strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data.

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Point to note:

1, Do you update your blog with regular contents?

2, Do you publish a regularly-updated blog with timely commentary?

3, Do you writing breaking reports?

4, Do you keep Original reporting and honest attribution?

If you are doing well on above mentioned points you are ready to submit your site for Google News. But you need be flexible while submitting. Here some points to note before submitting your blog for Google News.

Are you a soul Author?

If you are a soul author Google never going to accept your request. Your blog should be run by multiple authors. If you are a soul blogger hire some authors for the site.

A perfect ‘About Us’ Page

One basic requirement for Google News is you should have a team of writers and a perfect ‘About Us’ page that list all of the bios of each writers.

Contact Page

After creating an about us page, next is you need to create a contact page. If you are using WordPress content management on your blog you can get a lot of plugin’s to create contact page.

Also avoid to put your personal phone number. Instead you can establish a Google Voice phone number. Remember to put the contact form and Google voice contact details on the same page.

Create A Googe News Sitemap

Google news highly recommends to all publishers to establish a sitemap. Use this Google News Sitemap plugin that will automatically create site map for you.

Submit Your Site

If you feel your site is eligible for Google News approval submit now. Remember if you submitted your site for Google news inclusion and Google rejected, Google will not review your site until a period of 60 days has elapsed.

Right Title & Keywords

Should use right title and keywords. This keyword and title tells to Google what the story is about.

Text based contents from news sites are highly encouraged to get in to Google News. Google news is not only limited to also approved video pages, image gallery slideshows etc.

Tried to get approved as a Google News publisher? Did you succeed on that? Let us know through comments……

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