How to Report Scraped Content Directly to Google?

If you publish quality web content on your sites and you are expecting good traffic and result for that. Sometimes you’re going to get scraped, scrapers might be copy your contents and getting ranked above or instead of the original. What can you do?

Don’t worry. Its time to report that to the search engine giant Google. Google’s head of the webspam Matt Cutts made a Google Doc form you can submit scraper reports. Matt Cutts announced via Twitter says “If you see a scraper URL outranking the original source of content in Google, please tell us about it”.If you are submitting Google will take action directly.

Sometimes scraper content can outranked original contents. The form says “If you see pages with scraped content ranking above or instead of the original, please tell us more about it.”
The form asked you the original source of the content and the exact URL of the scraper site and the search results page where it is being outranked. If you are sure with the reports you just want to confirm and submit that to Google.

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