How to send Business messages via Facebook?

When you think of sending a message to a friend, the first way you think of doing that is via Facebook. When you need to send a message to someone in regards to work or business, statistically speaking, Facebook is much less popular as LinkedIn and email are still the most popular forms of communicating in the professional world. The average person checks their Facebook account 14 times a day. That is not a typo. With users signing in so often, it seems like the easiest place to reach someone.

Send Business messages via Facebook
Facebook although has put a road-block to messaging via its network by differentiating between those messages that we all receive from our friends to those that we receive from other Facebook users that we are not connected to. This does create an issue and make Facebook a little less favorable for messaging.

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So will you use Facebook to message colleagues and other professionals? It is worth a shot, as again the chance of someone seeing your message, even if it goes to “other” is quite high in compared to a message that is sent to an inbox with a lot of other messages.

How to Message Professionals on Facebook:

Profile picture:

You can’t go around using an immature image or one that you would not want your boss to see. Ask yourself: does this image work for LinkedIn? If so, then you have got a winning picture.

Stay classy/professional (at least until you get to know the person)

Do you want to get a message from someone you have never spoken with, and wants to work with you with “lol”, “brb”, “ttyle” or other social media friendly acronyms? Make it a friendly message, as there should be a small difference between the “emotion” that the reader feeds off from the sender between email and Facebook. That is especially true when it’s the first time the two sides interact.

Add a signature

Obviously if you message someone they know who you are, as in the Facebook messaging system all names appear in the sidebar. This however does not mean that you can skip on writing your name at the end of the post. Write your name and add who are what you work for.

Add a link

In emails and blog posts, readers have to trust the source and click on the link or skip on it. The good news is that via Facebook the link that is placed inside the message also offers the person a preview of the link. This is great because the reader can usually understand if the link is authentic or spam, and in the event that it is authentic, the link-preview can grab the reader’s attention and get him to click on it, maybe without him/her even reading the article.

Now that you know how to send a message, remember…

Keep it short-Do you have patience to read a long message?
Easy Reading-Add numbers to the message or turn it in to a list.
The connection between a short message and one that is easy to read- Keep their attention and wanting more.

Business messages

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Using Facebook is easier to get noticed. What is so different from the “other” folder in Facebook than spam folders in our email? Even if a message does find its way to the recipient’s inbox, with so many other messages, what are the odds of that email getting opened?

Facebook is your friend. Utilize it. I am dying to find out what you have to say, so share your thoughts.

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