How to use Getty Images Gorgeous Photos on your blog for free?

Getty Images, the worlds biggest stock photographic site recently announced you can use their near 35 million images for free to use for non-commercial purposes.

So its  a good relief for bloggers who have not much money to pay licensing fees for images. So how to use Getty Images gorgeous photos on your blog for free? Here is the steps…..

1. Go to Getty Images Website

Getty Images

For just an example here we searched for photos of ‘California.’ Immediately we can saw photos of California city taken by Getty Images photographers.

2. Select Image

If you likes an image and you want to use that image on your blog just take the mouse over on that image, image will be pop up. Here is how……
Getty Images

You just need to click there.

3. Embed Now
Getty Images

You just need to copy and paste the code on your blogs. You can get a preview of what the image will look like on your site.

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