How to Write Quick Blog Posts?

Have you ever been in a situation in which you needed to write a new post ASAP with less than an hour? It has happened to all bloggers at some point or another. Obviously it is better to prevent the from happening by either staying on track or having an extra post available at all times.

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Now let’s say you were not able to write the post at scheduled time, and you don’t have a backup post. Wyatt can you do to churn something out in so little time and still say, “this is good content”? Here are a few tips to write quick blog posts.

Quick Blog Posts: stay in your niche

1. Are there a few blogs that you always read?

Are there bloggers that you consider to be you heroes? If so, then a great post to write is a summary of your top 5 favorite blogs or bloggers. You have little time so research is out of the question, but by writing about something you read every week you’ll be able to get your thoughts onto the computer in no time.

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2. What plugins do you use on your blog?

If you use very few then explain why that is so. Again, like the previous idea, writing a post on the plugins you use is something that takes minimal research. If you have used a certain plugin for a long time then you’ll be able to share it with doers very quickly, and if it is one of the more popular ones then it will take less words and time to express your love for it. A plus to this post – very educational.

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3. Why you use?

Why do you use Facebook? Why do you Pinterest? Why do you use WordPress? Why do you use the tools you use to work? Of course Facebook is the most popular social media site, but why do you use it? Write a post about why you choose to use certain sites or tools.

4. What bothers you?

Just like in any job or even in sports, there are going to be something or people that annoy/bother you. In blogging there is always something that is going to bother us, so why not let your potential readers and or writers what you can’t stand. Please note 2 important points: do not write this in an angry tone, and make sure to add your own solution. No one likes a complainer.

How will you solve writing a blog post in less than an hour?

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