How to Install and Use Amazon Publisher Studio on your WordPress Blog?

Amazon affiliate program is a good choice to make money with your blog if you had good visitors count on your blog. At the end of the year 2013 Amazon launched a new tool called Publisher Studio. The Publisher studio allows you to easily create links on your site without even editing your page. You don’t need to go to your Amazon affiliate site every time if you ant to add a Amazon affiliate product on your site. All you do is highlight or click text and images with your mouse, and you can create the affiliate links right on your live page.

How to Install Amazon Publisher Studio on your Blog?

1. Go to Amazon Affiliate Program site and sign in to your account

Amazon Publisher Studio

2.Click on publisher studio and scroll down, there you can create codes
Amazon Publisher Studio

3. Give that instance a name

Here i just put ‘social positives blog’. Then click generate code. This is the code you want to put on your WordPress blog. Copy this code.

4. Ensure that Publisher Studio is ‘On’ and ‘Enabled’ Associates Central

Be sure that publisher studio is on and enabled. Thats must……..

5. Add the Code on your WordPress Blog


Go to your self hosted WordPress blog, go to appearance and click on editor and go to header.php file. Copy and paste the code that you saved on step 2 at the end of the header.php file and save you are done. Refresh your website.

5. Use Publisher Studio now


If the Pub­lisher Stu­dio code was installed properly, you can see this tool­bar at the top of your site’s page. If you can see, you can start to add affiliate links on your blogs text and or in images.

6. Add Affiliate Links on Images

You can add Amazon affiliate links and images that you are used on your Blog.

Tagging picture is really easy. Click the tag button on the tool bar and then click on the image. A “Shop Amazon” icon will appear at the bottom right of the picture. You can add products that suitable for that image. If visitors comes to your blog they can see a ‘shop now’ button on the right side bottom of the image.

7. Add Affiliate Links on Texts

Also you can add affiliate links on texts. Its easy.

Just highlight the keyword, Publisher Studio will initiate a search at for prod­ucts related to the words you’ve highlighted.

Thats it. You don’t need to visit Amazon affiliate site each and everytime if you want to add a product on this site. Add Amazon products easily with Publisher studio and increase your sales volume. Good luck…..

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