Obama joined Quora and became its first Verified user

Quora.com a website for  question and answer begun rolling out verified profiles for public figures. The United Sates President Barack Obama became its first verified user to receive a blue checkmark that similar to Twitter and Facebook verified profiles.
Today Quora officially announced on their blog post says “Today, we are excited to welcome President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) to Quora and launch our new Verified Profiles feature for public figures. Verified Profiles will give Quora’s readers confidence in the authenticity of public figures who write on Quora. These profiles will have a verified checkmark icon next to their profile pictures.

Now Quora gives some verified profiles for public figures like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron etc.

Now Quora doesn’t allows users requests for verification but you can contact Quora team if you see someone who should be verified.

Joel Lewenstein, Product manager at Quora says “we will verify a profile if we believe that many people reading answers from the person will recognize the name and will value confirmation that the writer is the person that they think it is.”

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