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When running an online business there is one thing that is important to all of us and that is getting noticed. Today one of the most prominent sources of our traffic is of course social media-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more. There is one though that always get’s left out. It is the unpopular kid that is known as none other than Reddit. If you did not know, then now you know that you should be using Reddit for traffic generation.

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Here is the run-down: Reddit is a social media and news outlet in which all of the content is uploaded by its users. Reddit is in essence, a collection of entries that make up a bulletin board. The site’s categories are known as “sub-Reddits”, and they include the following and more: education, entertainment, discussion, humor/memes, and “the-best-of”.

Why is it forgotten? First of all, I’ll be the first to admit that the user interface is not very attractive or inviting. When stumbling upon the site, it looks like a forum from the 90s. Second of all, it is not as personal as the other popular social media sites that allow their users to add all of their details and interact with friends. This social media site, is to simply put it, “to share opinions, and that’s about it”. Finally, let’s just say that they don’t spend very much money trying to convince people to join, which even with its user base size is still a problem.

Success on Reddit:

Be Active: Like any social media network, the more active you are the more success you’ll have. On Reddit, fellow readers can either give or take away points from you based on the content that you shared or the comments you have made. Obviously you wan to get as many points as possible and the option of “thumbs down” is great. It stops or at least limits the number of spammers that would like to be active on the network.

What do you need to do? Start participating by commenting on whatever you want. Once you have taken a few days just to comment and like other content, start finding researching your niche and the groups available on Reddit. Now you can get active! Not only can you get active but you will get more clicks because you get points for interacting. The better your interactions and posts, the more points you gain.

Please note: some sub-Reddits do not allow you to upload links, rather only text posts. Bloggers and content publishers usually skip this option because it does not directly drive traffic to the site, but that is a mistake. Creating a following in social media takes time, and writing a text post is a great way to introduce something to a new group of people. The social media Reddit, for example, allows you to upload a link with your text. That is a win-win situation that can drive traffic and create conversation.

Unlike other social media sites, Reddit, at least in my experience, does not always drive traffic, but again nothing always does. One key way to make Reddit a traffic generation source is by creating a post that fits your niche and blog, but also has a popular sub-Reddit. Try once creating a post based on a sub-Reddit and see what it can do for you.

At the end of the day, Reddit is great because

  • Spammers get a bad name
  • Visitors come knowing that they are going to click on links
  • Reddit users tend to share content on other social media sits
  • It drives easy traffic
  • At least one sub-Reddit for every niche

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