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From today plan to write about a tool or software or websites per month, that we find useful and want to show for our readers. Today we are discussing about a website named that works as an all in one file search engine. Here are the top reasons why we recommending FileDive for you…

Internet is a Storage

The major reason why we surfing on web is a internet is a storage of tons of information’s and we want to find our right product there. Internet’s different websites had different purposes. For example we are using Wikipedia for gain literal knowledge about topics and using Flickr to find exact images.Wikipedia is for knowledge and Flickr for entertain. Every website had their own purposes.

Customized search is not at all possible for peoples who are not passionate on internet. Here certain websites and tools help them to achieve.

FileDiva, What does it do?

FileDiva is a kind of tool, works as a meta search engine for searching files give you the option to redefine your search in a pattern.

If you are searching for a file on FileDiva, FileDiva search all available files in different kinds of file hosting sites and will show you the exact files that matches your search query.

If you search for ‘Blogging Tutorials’, you will get result like this……


This is a default mode search by FileDiva. If you need files from an exact files hosting sites, for example you need only files from or you have the option to choose.

Why we are recommending FileDiva?

The reasons why we are recommending FileDiva to our readers is it helps you to find what you are exactly looking and makes you to save your valuable time. You can search for videos, musics, games, eBooks etc. FileDiva is the only multiple file search engine exist in the present internet world. Its really search friendly…..

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