WordPress Simple Share Buttons Adder: An Excellent and Beautiful Plugin for Social Sharing

How many of you here are tired of using social sharing plugin’s on your WordPress blogs? First i installed really simple shared WordPress social plugin on my blog and after 6 months i changed it to Flare WordPress social plugin. Recently we changed in to a new social sharing plugin named ‘Simple Share Buttons’. Simple words we can say that’s awesome and beautiful.

Simple Share Buttons Adder Version 3.4

Simple Share Buttons
The simple share buttons adder version 3.4 is available to download. Like every social sharing plugin’s simple share is also allows us to add social button like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google+, Buffer, Reddit etc. The 3.4 is updated with share counts.

Its Really Beautiful

The major reason why we love and recommend simple share buttons because its really beautiful while it placed on your self hosted WordPress blog.
Simple Share Buttons

The button model social buttons with social counting looks awesome. The major highlight of this plugin’s used is you can even upload and use your own custom images if you wish!.

Like every you have the options to place the buttons on top of the page or bottom of the page or both. You can use that on homepage, posts, category or in pages.

Advanced Features

Like Set the width of your buttons in pixels, center your buttons if desired and also you can apply some space around your images.

Simple Share Buttons

You can pick a setting to style the share counters. You have 3 option. One is a default option and you can change the button colors in to white or blue as your desire.

If you wish to display a share count for social buttons,  that enabling this option will slow down the loading of any pages. If you need you can make your own custom-coloured share buttons. You just need to put your favorite color and choose the shape square or circle and click make my buttons. That’s its. Download the file in zip and upload.

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