Change your Passwords Now – Here is the list of Websites that Has been Affected by Heartbleed (Updated)

You might be heard about Heartbleed an encryption, called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The Internet bug has affected a lot of popular websites including Google, Facebook, Pinterest etc.
Today we got an email from Pinterest that asked users to reset their passwords due to Heartbleed.

‘The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. ”

Heartbleed already quietly exposed your sensitive account informations over the past two years. Here welisted some popular websites that has been affected by Heartbleed.

We’ll keep updating the list as new reports comes in.

[table id=Heartbleed /]

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