Charge your Mobile Phone in 30 Seconds

A mobile phone charger has been developed to charge a mobile in just 30 seconds from empty to full. StoreDot, an Israeli startup firm is behind this technology.

StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf in an interview with The Next Web says “In essence, what we have developed is a new generation of an electrode with new materials – we call it MFE – Multi Function Electrode.
One side acts like a Supercapacitor (very fast charging), and the other is like a Lithium electrode (slow discharge). The electrolyte is modified as well with our nanobots in order to allow for the multifunction electrode to be effective …. we are aiming for the same capacity as a Li=on battery … Self discharge is similar to Li-ion as well.”

According to BBC its a battery based on biological semiconductors, made from naturally organic compounds called peptides. StoreDot company says on their press release that “The breakthrough technology in StoreDot Nanodots is that they demonstrate diverse physical and electrochemical properties at nanoscale, including visible luminescence, showing red, green and blue colors that enhance new generation display technology.”

StoreDot is aiming to sell this super mobile chargers in last 2016.

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