30 Top Free Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage, its a trending model of networked enterprise storage where our data’s are stored in the cloud. We can backup files online and save the data’s is the secure way without copying the data to disc. 

There are four main types of cloud storage they are personal cloud storage also known as mobile cloud storage, public cloud storage, private cloud storage and hybrid cloud storage.

The advantages of cloud storage are there’s a lesser risk of losing your data if your files are saved on cloud. Cloud storage is more flexible than saving to disc or USB stick because we can retrieve backups any where in the world from any computer.

To secure our important files we should use any cloud storage service. Which service you would to choose? Lot of companies provides free cloud storage for personal purposes. Here we listed the top 30 free cloud storage service providers. Choose your best.

1. Google Drive  Google drive offers all users 15 GB total storage for free and other pricing’s starts from 100GB for $1.99 per month.

2. Adrive  Signup for Adrive and get 50GB absolutely for FREE. Premium Plans start at just $2.50 per month or $25 per year.

3. Box.com – One of the popular cloud storage provider. 10GB absolutely free.

4. CX.com  10GB free and pro account starts from $4.99 per month.

5. One Drive – Cloud storage from Microsoft corporation. 15GB free for all users and $2.50 per month for 25GB. (Updated)

6. Dropbox – The trending cloud storage service providers offers 2GB free for all accounts.

7. MediaFire – 10GB free for all and rpo accounts starts from just $2.49 for 1 TB  (1000 GB).

8. Amazon Cloud – 5GB free for all Amazon users. Pro account starts from $10 for 200GB for 1 year.

9. Bitcasa – Bitcasa offers up to 20GB of data storage for free and secure storage up to 3 devices.

10. SlashDrive – Specially designed for students. Slashdrive offers 10GB of free cloud file storage.

11. Tardis Box – First 1000 users registered with Facebook or LinkedIn will get 150GB for free. Try your luck.

12. pCloud – 10GB absolutely for free. No speed limit, no size limit even for free account users.

13. Degoo – Up to 100GB free online storage. Now in beta version.

14. Symform – 10GB for free. Get free additional storage by contributing excess local drive space on your device.

15. Yunio – Sign up for an account at Yunio to instantly get 1 TB (1000 GB) of free storage.

16. Mega – Get 50Gb for free with Kim.com’s Mega.

17. US Signal – Get 50 GB of Cloud Storage free for the life of the term.

18. Copy –  20Gb absolutely free, refer your friends to get more storage.

19. FireDrive – Get 50GB storage space absolutely free.

20. OziBox – OziBox offers 100 GB of free online storage space.

21. FlipDrive – Flipdrive gives you 5GB free for all basic account users.

22. Hubic – Get 25 GB of storage at no cost with Hubic.

23. SFShare – Sign up with SFShare to receive 50 GB of free cloud storage.

24. Shared – Get a big 100GB  free storage space with Shared.

25. CloudMe – Every CloudMe users will get 3 GB of free storage.

26. JumpShare – You can upload over 200 file types on Jumpshare and a total of 2 GB of free storage for every user.

27. iDrive – iDrive provides all users 5GB sync space.

28. InBox.com – Inbox.com is much popular as online email client. If you don’t use the email portion you will get 5 GB of free space.

29. SurDoc – Sign up for SurDoc and get 100GB for free. Share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn about SurDoc and get 10GB additional for each shares.

30 DumpTruck – DumpTruck gives 5GB cloud space for free for every users. You will get an additional 500 MB of space for each friend you refer.

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