Get Alerts When a Web Page Changes

I’m a social media fan, i would like to get reports when each and every changes on social media. This is my case, attitudes are different my interests are social media, blogging and your interests might be politics, entertainment or sports.

Fans would like to get notified changes on their favorite websites its major or medium or tiny. How to get alerts email alerts when a web page changes?

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Go to the website Enter the web address and click on the button ‘Go.’ Visual Ping will create a screenshot of the web page you entered. For example here i entered

You can set check interval for every day hour, every day or every week. Also you can choose triggers like tiny, medium or major changes that happen to the web page. After that put your email address and start monitoring.

You need to confirm you email address to activate.

That’s it. You will receive email alerts arrive on time  when Visualping detects a change of the webpages with before-n-after screenshots images .

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