How to Conduct a Poll on Google Plus

How to conduct a poll on Google Plus? You know Facebook already offers a useful “ask questions” feature that allows users to conduct polls. There is no special support from Google team to create polls on Google Plus. If you bit workaround you can create polls on Google Plus.


Steps to Conduct a Poll on Google Plus

1. Create your poll question for example “which is your favorite social network” in your Google Plus share box like you are creating status update and set the visibility to “public” if you are creating public poll or limit it to your “circles” if you are creating poll only to your followers. 

2. Publish your poll question.

3. Write different poll options as separate comments under the poll question you created. Note to make that speed because status update has already been published.

4. Once you added all poll options disable comments for that post.

5. Thats it. Google Plus users can add their vote as +1 ing the corresponding comment. 

To see the profile of people who have actually picked that particular option, click the +1 count against the comments.

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