How to delete Google Chrome History Selectively?

I’m not interested to Google to keep a record of my website visiting and searching history. We know how to delete our entire Chrome history.

We have the option to delete history from the beginning of the time, the last 4 weeks, the past week, past day or past hour. But how to remove Google chrome history selectively? Here is a simple trick…………….

Remove Google chrome history selectively

If you need to delete entire history its easy. But you need to delete history that contain a particular keyword or a particular website? Use the Google chrome search history box.

For example if you need to delete contains that the keyword ‘Twitter‘ you just need to search like this. The result will be like this.

Chrome will show the entire result that contains the particular keyword Twitter. Normally there’s no Select All button in Chrome’s history pages, means you need to remove 100 pages from the history you will have to select 100 different check boxes manually.

How to Remove all history with a single click?

How to remove all with a single click? Select the first check box then scroll down to the bottom of the history page and click the last check box but keep the SHIFT key down. It will select the full list and click “Remove Selected Items.”

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