How to Watch YouTube videos without Buffering?

YouTube the worlds second largest search engine after Google. Every second one hour of video has been uploaded to YouTube that means 24 hours of video for every 24 seconds. It’s one of the worlds largest community with more than 1 billion users engaging together. You can host videos on YouTube and also you can stream live.

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Did you know near 50% of internet users are running slow internet, the worst thing is they cant watch YouTube or any videos with out buffering. But if you use some tricks you can watch videos without buffering.

Might be your answer will if you take high speed internet connections you can watch YouTube videos with out any interception. But these methods are for the people who are using slow internet connections….

Method 1 –  Use YouTube Feather Beta

Use YouTube feather beta. According to YouTube “the Feather project is intended to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible.” Now the feather beta is under development and may not work for all videos.

Medthod 2 – Increase your Local Storage

Increasing your local storage on Adobe flash player settings, you can feel some improvements on watching YouTube videos.

To do this while watching YouTube videos on Firefox browser, right click on the video and click on the folder button. Then set the storage button to unlimited and close.

With this method definitely you will feel some some difference. Test yourself and let us know through comments…..

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