A look inside Google’s Big Data Centers

Google designs and maintains one of the worlds largest data centers. Inside of a Google data centers there are thousands and thousands of machines carrying up business of Google and their customers. Whether its just a search on Google or an eCommerce transaction on Google or working with Google data’s for business, all serves through these machines.

Machines are custom to build by Google through their own specifications. Google builds thousands of servers every year, than not to sold or distributed to external. Access to Google data centers is tightly controlled. That doesn’t allows public tour to the site visits, even Google employee access is restricted. Google security person are on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Google data centers are watch by a comprehensive monitoring cameras. Some of Google’s data centers utilize bio-metric devices eyeres camera’s to prove workers identity. These are just the steps to go in to Google’s traditional data center offices.

Access to actual Google Data center floor is by badges and some data centers are allowed only with bio-metric identification like eyeres camera identification. One of the most important elements of the machines are hard drives, specially for Google aps customers, this is where they stored business data’s. Google customer data’s are stored in multiple locations to help ensure the liability.

Its really hard to get in to Google data centers even if you are a Google employee. Thats why the internet world trusted to Google than any networks. Here we go inside Google’s Big Data Centers.

LenoirGoogle Data Center Lenoir North Carolina


The tempering hut, the small building on the far left, is where Google cool water down before returning it to the Gulf of Finland


A visual inspection of the water pipes running below the floor of Google’s Data Centers 


This data centre has over 115 000 square feet of space


Google repair technician Denise Harwood diagnoses an over-heated CPU.


Destroyed failed drives


This antenna  receives signals for Google’s access service divisions.


These pipes carry water in and out of Google’s


Twin banks of servers at the data center in Douglas


Server racks at the data center in Mayes County

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