How to Reveal the Hidden Passwords on the Login Page?

How to reveal the hidden passwords on all login pages? Sometimes you are on a Gmail or Yahoo login page. The browser is already filled the username and password on the fields.

You need to know what the password. You don’t remember what the password is. Copy and paste the password will not work because if you copy and paste the password on notepad only dots will be copy and not the actual passwords. How to reveal that password? Here we go……

1. Go to the Login Page

This is a Google login page that already filled with username and password.

2. Right click on the Password Field and Select Inspect Element

Right click on the password field and select inspect element. There you can see text type=”password”.

3. Replace the word Password with Text

All you have to do is replace the word “password” with “text” and click enter.

4. Password is showing now

Now the dots are replaced with the actual passwords.

Thats it. Now the hidden password is showing on the login page. You can use this trick to know your password. This method can be used on all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

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