6 Interesting Google Search Methods

How we are using Google? Just to search something we want to get knowledge about that, just googling. Google is the most used search engine in the web. Google is used by millions of people everyday and billions of search results been showing, but how many of us really put it through Google’s paces?

Here we are showing some interesting search methods on Google.
1. Google in 1998

Get retro Google. Google search for “google in 1998” to see the original homepage. You can see how Google looks in 1998.

2. Google Calculator
Google’s calculator function is really powerful than you imagine. You can do basic mathematics easily. Just you need to type “calculator” on Google and hit enter to use Google’s calculator function.
3. Google Related Search

With Google you can easily find a related website that giving similar content. For example if you are looking for sites related to Mashable.com you just need to search “related:mashable.com”.


4. Google Movie Search 

With Google you can easily find actors filmography. For example you need to find Tom hank’s movies you just need to type “tom hanks movies” on Google, it will show you Tom Hank’ s movies.

tom hanks movies - Google Search

5. Google Conversions

On Google Currency conversions and unit conversions can do easily. For currency conversions, to know the current value of USD to INR you just need to search “USD to INR”. 


Like this you can search for flight status, weather forecasts etc.

6. Play Retro Video Game

Search “atari breakout” on Google image search and enjoy the game.



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