Easiest way to Download your YouTube Videos in High Resolution

You know how to Download your YouTube videos from your channel. For the person who don’t know this, its really easy. First sign in to your YouTube account, then click on your name, then click on “Video Manager.”

Then choose the video you want to download, click edit, there you can see a drop down menu with an option “download MP4, download the video.

But how to download your YouTube videos in high resolution whether your video it is in SD or HD formats.

Here is how you can do that.

1. Go to Google Takeout. This option allows you to download all your account datas supporting more than 20 products.

2. To download only YouTube videos go to Google take out for your YouTube channel.

3. Click the button create archive. The default option is in .zip format.

4. If you need you can download in 2 other formats .tgz and .tbz.

5. When the processing is over go for the download tab and gets the original files.

Thats it. Your YouTube videos are in your hand with original resolutions.

Also, Airy can help you to download high definition 4K and 8K YouTube videos easily.

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