Easiest way to Unsubscribe from all LinkedIn Email Notifications

LinkedIn, its a major part for professional networking. Recently LinkedIn hits 300 Million members around the world and more than half of these members are outside from US.

LinkedIn gives a good place for professional to communicate each other. I have more than 3000 connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is sending too many notification for me whether its my colleague’s birthday or my friend completed 1 year at the current job and a lot, there is a notification for everything. 

One of the major lack of  LinkedIn is they not offering one-click button for quickly and easily unsubscribing from all these email notification. You have to select every drop-down boxes to unsubscribe from every single email.

So there is no direct setting for this? Then how to do this? Fortunately there’s a solution in the form of a bookmarklet

Drag this bookmarklet to your browser’s address bar, go to your LinkedIn’s email’s settings page, click the bookmarklet link in the address bar. That’s it. It will change the email for every notification to “no mail.”

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