Five Apps to Help You Manage Your Time and Get More Done

Keeping track of your time is getting harder than ever, thanks to the many distractions that technology and computer equipment provide these days. But technology can also be used to help you better manage your time.

The following five apps are highly recommended for everyone from the busy parent to the business owner who needs to keep track of appointments and activities and get as much done as possible each day.


Want a way to manage your time at work better by keeping track of how much time you spend on a particular task? Then the RescueTime app would be a perfect addition to your daily life. This app can run on both computer equipment and mobile devices, and it’s completely free. If you find that you can’t control yourself when it comes to spending hours on social media every day, this app will show you just how much time you’re wasting that could be used for other, more productive, activities. Turn it on to monitor the exact number of minutes you spend on apps and websites and then see the results at the end of the day. You may finally be able to kick your bad habits and get yourself on track.


Fanurio is the perfect app if you’re a freelancer and you need to keep track of billable hours while getting things done efficiently during your non-billable hours as well. You probably already have enough trouble keeping your office furniture clear of the clutter of planners, and you may have a difficult time staying organised enough to keep your clients happy. But this app is meant to keep you sane and make your work life easier by creating expense reports and invoices as well, saving you time.


This clever little app is perfect for individuals who find it really hard to remember what they need to do every day. The smallest tasks may be the most important but they’re also the easiest to forget. With Due on your device, you’ll never forget them again. Rather than jotting down reminders on little notes that can get lost, you can set reminders in your phone, which will continue to pester you until you accomplish the task.


For people who tend to be inspired at the most inopportune moments, such as when there isn’t paper and pen handy, the QuickVoice app could be just what you need. Described as a modern Dictaphone, this easy-to-use app will let you record your thoughts at the touch of a button. And you can then send these messages to yourself or to others so that you can build upon your ideas later, when you can actually sit down and flesh out these preliminary thoughts.

Calendar 5

If you’re tired of your built-in calendar app, download Calendar 5, which will take voice commands that will allow the app to automatically fill in appointments and notes, making it ideal for those who simply don’t have the time to stop and type the information while on the go. This fast app even syncs up with your Google calendar.

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