How to Add rel=”nofollow” on the links on XenForo forums

How to add nofollow external links on XenForo forums? How to add rel=”nofollow” on all outbound links on XenForo? XenForo is much popular commercial internet forum software package that written in PHP programming language. XenForo is used as a good alternative for vBulletin.
XenForo has several SEO features built in, however the link to the sentence backlink spam as a problem occurs. To avoid spamming on your XenForo forums you should add the rel = ‘nofollow’ links to avoid slap spammers.

So how to add rel=”nofollow” on XenForo forums? Here is the steps to do that……

Open the file / library / XenForo / Helper / String.php find the following code:

public static function getLinkClassTarget($url)
 $target = '_blank';
 $class = 'externalLink';
 $type = 'external';
 $urlInfo = @parse_url($url);
 if ($urlInfo)
 $host = $urlInfo['host'] . (!empty($urlInfo['port']) ? ":$urlInfo[port]" : '');
 if ($host == XenForo_Application::$host)
 $target = '';
 $class = 'internalLink';
 $type = 'internal';
 return array($class, $target, $type);

Replace the following Sentence

$class = 'externalLink';

With this Sentence

$class = 'externalLink" rel="nofollow';

Click save and you are done. Now the links from your XenForo forum will be in nofollow attribute.

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